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Hello, Joseagush. I'm glad that banwikisource was created as a separate project. I am planning to proceed with the importing of banwikisource. I just imported a few editions from mulws as a trial run. Please check if there are any errors among the imported pages[1]. If no major problems are found, I will continue to importing according to your confirmation. Thank you for your cooperation and patience. --Sotiale (pabligbagan) 23 Juli 2021 13.22 (WITA)Balas[wales]

Looks good mate, @Sotiale! Its awesome, thank you for starting to running the importing session. I saw index page seems still not yet correctly imported. Don't know what's wrong, but others seems legit. Joseagush (pabligbagan) 23 Juli 2021 13.32 (WITA)Balas[wales]
Oh, never make any edits until the importing work is done! This can cause problems. The index is not imported properly, so it will be handled properly. Thank you! --Sotiale (pabligbagan) 23 Juli 2021 19.48 (WITA)Balas[wales]

I did the first import, but there may be some missing pages. Since you have a lot of contributions to this project, can you please check if there are any missing pages? Please let me know if there are any missing pages. (Please do not edit other pages except this talkpage!) Thank you! --Sotiale (pabligbagan) 24 Juli 2021 14.25 (WITA)Balas[wales]

All is good mate, @Sotiale. Just let me know if importing is done. I will try to repair if any problem exist or ask your help. Thanks. Joseagush (pabligbagan) 24 Juli 2021 18.06 (WITA)Balas[wales]
Thank you for confirming. I imported all the relevant pages in category bhāṣabali on mulws. However, some missing pages may exist, in which case please notify me immediately :)

Now, when a new wiki is set up, there are a few things that don't work like they should yet. That is because some things can only be set up after the wiki is created, and it may take some time. The things I'm aware of are:

  • The Visual Editor may not work properly for existing pages. You may get an error message if you try to edit an existing page. It should work, however, if you try to create a new article using the visual editor.
  • Search results from Special:Search may not show everything just yet.
  • Statistical functions may work incorrectly.

These problems should all be solved within a few days – at most it can take 2 weeks, but that is rare. Please contact me if any of it takes more than 2 weeks, and also contact me if you notice anything else that looks wrong/is missing, etc.

Again, congratulations! and have a good time with new project. --Sotiale (pabligbagan) 25 Juli 2021 18.21 (WITA)Balas[wales]

Hi @Sotiale, i think i made mistakes in here and here. Can you fix it, i don't know what's wrong as i edited before you imported. Thanks Joseagush (pabligbagan) 25 Juli 2021 18.45 (WITA)Balas[wales]
This is an error that may appear if pages are edited during importing. I just took action, could you please check it again? --Sotiale (pabligbagan) 25 Juli 2021 18.52 (WITA)Balas[wales]
Thanks, its done! Joseagush (pabligbagan) 25 Juli 2021 19.15 (WITA)Balas[wales]

Project WikiLontar 2021 not yet imported[uah]

Hi @Sotiale, looks like this category for WikiLontar 2021 project not yet included when importing. Thanks. Joseagush (pabligbagan) 25 Juli 2021 19.24 (WITA)Balas[wales]

All pages were imported. However, it seems that the category is not properly set for some reason. That part has been corrected. (The reason there are more pages than before is because the Ban/ prefix has been removed, and Lontar Kemenuh‎ and Ban/Lontar Kemenuh‎ have been merged.) --Sotiale (pabligbagan) 25 Juli 2021 19.40 (WITA)Balas[wales]
Ahh thank you. Awesome. Yes i can see right now. Joseagush (pabligbagan) 25 Juli 2021 21.43 (WITA)Balas[wales]

Indeks setting not same[uah]

Hi @Sotiale, The indeks setting when i try to edit it not same as in old wikisource. I can not add many parameters such as image size, etc. Where i need to change it? Thanks in advance. Joseagush (pabligbagan) 12 Agustus 2021 19.36 (WITA)Balas[wales]

Could you please check if the problem is resolved? --Sotiale (pabligbagan) 12 Agustus 2021 20.56 (WITA)Balas[wales]
Wow, Awesome. It works. How you do it? Thanks. Joseagush (pabligbagan) 12 Agustus 2021 20.59 (WITA)Balas[wales]
It's because I forgot to import some core script. There are quite a lot of pages in this wiki, so I made a mistake while checking the others :( Sorry. --Sotiale (pabligbagan) 12 Agustus 2021 21.02 (WITA)Balas[wales]
Ahh, but thanks btw, you are rock. Joseagush (pabligbagan) 12 Agustus 2021 21.04 (WITA)Balas[wales]
If you find any other issues, please contact me again immediately. If there is a problem that I can solve, I will try to solve it. Have a good day! --Sotiale (pabligbagan) 12 Agustus 2021 21.10 (WITA)Balas[wales]

Local user page[uah]

I'm wondering whether you would like to create a local user page on this wiki, now that you've put yourself forth for interface admin here. Currently your user page here says you're "retired", because it's using the content of your user page at Meta as a placeholder. (You can change this either by creating a local user page on this wiki or by wrapping the content of your Meta user page in a <noinclude>…</noinclude> element, so it doesn't appear on other wikis. The latter solution will affect all Wikimedia content wikis you've visited/edited but don't have a local user page on.) - dcljr (pabligbagan) 25 Nopémber 2021 08.27 (WITA)Balas[wales]

Thank you for this information. I already created local user page for this site. I would lovely to managed this WikiPustaka and Balinese wikipedia with community occasionaly. Joseagush (pabligbagan) 25 Nopémber 2021 08.56 (WITA)Balas[wales]